Why Target and for who ?
Target is born because we found out that there is not enough support given to the goalies in Belgium. In the Netherlands and other neighbouring countries it is different because structures have been established to support goalies and their progress. This is the main reason why we organize these clinics & training camps. The intention is to train goalies to feel optimal in their game, in their head, in their body, in their team and in their everyday life. 80% of accomplishment is in their head and we also plan social activities during the camps.

We would like to set up a structure which will take place several times per month in different clubs in Belgium to give clinics. We would like to establish a structure to train goalies during the entire year and occasionally with famous "guest" goalies and coaches visiting our clinics which are open to goalies from different clubs. New techniques from coaches who work differently are shared for the progress of all. All will happen in a good ambiance and hard work to draw everyone together. In order to do so, we set up a non-profit association for the promotion and training of goalies.
The fees paid for the camps are utilized to rent the facilities where the camps take place, to defray cost of the staff, to organize additional activities and to buy training equipment. In order to work well during a camp, 1 trainer is needed for 3 to 4 goalies. We are above all, impassioned by our sport. Our target is non-profit. Our aim is to make a difference for the goalies who are too often forgotten.

Target becomes a big goalies' family with more than 400 goalies joining our Facebook group. Goalies from all over, share videos, give their opinions and share advises and so on…

Our staff team comes from all over Europe. They all have their experiences and working methods to enrich the experience of the goalies.
 Our target :
 Goalies good in their game, in their head & body ! 
Who's Target ?
Arthur Reinhard
Born on January 20th 1993.

Student in Louvain-la-Neuve,
Event Management & Organization,
Goalie trainer



Douglas Reinhard
Born on Januari 12th 1999
studie Bio ingenry
and ULB

Goalie at Wellington THC,
Goalie trainer at Wellington THC