Des gardiens bon dans leur jeu, bien dans leur tête et leur corps !
Pendant le stage d'été des pros nous ont conseillé…
Bernard Dewamme from Mentalyfit
will advise us for the mental

Bernard has gained more than 15 years
of experience as a sport coach at the tennis
federation to guide individual world class 
athletes travelling over all the continents and
at the field hockey federation for the Olympic
Be Gold programs.

As a Director at the tennis federation Bernard 
impacted on a strategic level the further 
development of the organisation.

Bernard was able to tackle the challenging career transition from the sports world to the business world. 


He guided as an executive coach over more then 6.000 leaders and works on a daily basis energizing organisations,

teams and individuals in Europe.


Most importantly, Bernard received recommendation for his simple, visible and actionable guidance for a day to day performance with an energizing, engaging and challenging coach attitude. He animates classes in several Management programs for the academic world.
In the artistic world, Bernard is the mental coach for various artist during the Queen Elisabeth Competition.


"Think Big, Start Small, Adapt Fast"

Achievements :

• Director Artistic Division of the Mentally Fit Institute

• Teacher in several Academic programs for ICHEC (Brussels)
   EMI (Executive Master Immobilier) and Mental Coaching School

• Guest speaker at Vlerick Business School (Ghent)
   and STIMA Education (Brussel)

• Mental Coach of the Paralympic Equestrian Team
   (London 2012 with Gold medalist Michèle George)

• Mental coach for the Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel Artist
  and the Queen Elisabeth Competition

• Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner

• Director Tennis Federation

• High Performance Coach of elite athletes in Tennis
   (Fed Cup and Davis Cup players)

• Coach of World Junior Champion Tennis Player Kirsten Flipkens
   winner of Wimbledon and US Open & Yanina Wickmayer,…

• Coach of the BE GOLD Teams
   (Youth Olympic Boys and Girls Field Hockey program)

• Belgian National Team Hockey Player
   (1994 World Cup Sydney – 50 caps)

• Belgian Honour Division Winner (Dragons Men Team)


Languages :
English, French, Dutch


Themes :

Leadership Program, Cultural Change, Team Dynamics, Energizing Individuals, Coach Attitude, Insights Program, ...


Interventions :

Team Coaching, Group Training, Individual Coaching, Conference, Consulting, Insights Discovery Practitioner...


Public :

(Inter)national Executives, Senior and Mid Management

Chantal van der Brempt from My Food Print
will advise us for well balanst nutrition

consider other health parameters too like the
intensity of the sport, sleep & rest period,
emotional and mental health, environment etc.
of the athlete. All of these health parameters need
to be considered according the goals of the
sportsman or woman. For sure a hockey player playing
three times a week doesn’t need the same level of
nutrition as one playing six times a week. The more
you practise sport the more nutrition plays a key role
in the results especially on the long run!


Chantal also loves sport and has three daughters who are high performance hockey players. She advises national hockey players in managing their food diet and gives small workshops to promote healthy
eating for hockey purposes. Her main job is promoting nutrition as a performance key in companies. Chantal understands well the needs
of young athletes and what is doable on a daily basis for player and parent.

"Let’s health together !"

MY FOOD PRINT organizes activities to raise the awareness amongst people of the importance of well-balanced food.
Because we believe food impacts our body and our mind in a direct way.

For every body understanding healthy people brings happiness and performance. For every body who likes to add a playful dimension to health promoting activities.

Languages :
English, French, Dutch


Achiements :

Chroniqueuse nutrition auprès de la RTBF