We onganise a Goalie Days in your club


Subtil mix of technic, tactic, physics, and strong values (going beyond of oneself, discipline, rigour), the whole in good mood. All will be set up for optimum training conditions. The objectif is that every goalie can find a multitude of different ways to work to find the "LITTLE PLUS" that works for
him and will make him progress (timing, placement, reading the game etc.). With hard working you can reach your dream. For this we come in your club with from “Guest Trainers”, players of Belgian and foreign HD as well as
famous trainers. Each goalie has his strong points and experiences to shared.

Open for goalies from other clubs.


Proposed topics :

Positif & constructif training • Ugly zone • Shoot-out
Goalie's mental • Running out • Explosivity • PC & Corners + sleep
Natural agility • Mastsering stress & pressure at top level
Mastering emotions & pain • Playing high or low, the + and - points Indoorhockey



The purpose of this project is to create a dynamics between goalies and this to justify the ones the others, carried by passion,
for all to progress and become better… without concealed costs.