Join us from 28 till 31 October 2018
for ou first Fall camp,
it will be TOP !!!

 More than 1000 balls, Rebound, Crazy Catch, Shark, 
 Catch-it, Lacross, crazy exercises ! 
 Working hard in good mood is our secret weapon
 Great moments & surprises ! 

 Max. 30 goalies (U10 > U19) 
 4 days/240€  or 1 day/70€

Get ready for the end of the season…

Come and exceed yourself, get better technic, 
find good timings, turn to manage yours stress and defense.
Ons team internaionale TOP goalies you will learn the tricks of the trade
and their experiences with you.
The Camp will start on monade morning at 8:30 on location,
White Star H.C., Oudstrujderslaan, 350  in 1140 Evere.
We start at 9:00. You need a picnic for the lunch,
you can also order a sandwich at the clubhouse.
On thursday their will be a demo for the parents at 15:00 to finish the camp.

We have an internationale staff, the camp will be multilingual.
Good for theet language development and to get our goalies out
of their comfort
 zone. We have a team Top goalies to take care of you.


The camp will be physicly hard and thiering,
it will be important
to rest, to eat well and drink enough
to recover well.



Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions ?

0493/77.09.29 or send a mail to